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Recruitment consultancy, expert on Social Networks searches and especialized in all kind of profiles that you can find in this media.

Reclutamiento en Redes Sociales: Social Recruitment

Aimcandidate develops a unique recruitment methodology based in Social Search®. It guarantees our customers the widest search for candidates using Social Networks, thus recruitment is faster than other traditional posting methodologies, managing on time the right candidates.

Everything you need to recruit is managed through Social Search®.

In addition, for those companies having Recruiting team we can help them increase their effectiveness by hiring our Social Search® solution. It integrates candidates from different Social Networks (Linkedin, Xing, Viadeo, Facebook) easily into the recruitment processes due to its ATS functionality (Applicant Tracking Solution).

Qualified leads generation from social networks. We build highly engaged communities for our clients.

Generacion de clientes en Redes Sociales

Aimleads has the most advanced technology collecting and managing leads from Social Networks. With this technology, our inbound marketing service is much more effective than traditional methods as it allows you to focus your message to a highly engaged target.

Prospects clients are highly receptive to commercial offers if you have previously established a trust relationship with the brand. We do so by creating segmented Communities from Qualified Leads and developing tailored marketing campaigns to get success. This method increases web hits, improve corporative online reputation, and collect leads… Thus: We IMPROVE THE ROI of your marketing investment.

  • http://www.aimleads.com/

How to get the best jobs? ShakingJobs: Match top jobs using your social networks

Buscar trabajo y encontrar empleo con sencillez

Learning from your social profiles, SHAKINGJOBS searches through all the job posts available in Internet. It shows you the worldwide offers adapted to your professional expectations and, most important: notifies you about which people you should contact to be in the ‘Top of Mind’ of the recruiters in charge of that recruitment opportunity

  • http://www.shakingjobs.com/

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